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The Society issues a quarterly, full-colour Newsletter, with cover dates of March, June, September and December. The intention of the Newsletter is to publish a mixture of original material concerning contemporary bookplate artists, information on bookplate-related events such as auctions, sales and exhibitions, and items of historical interest. Most issues also feature a report from our trans-Tasman cousins at the Auckland Ex Libris Society. Each issue contains full-colour illustrations of bookplate designs. Members receive hard copies of the Newsletter, sometimes containing a tipped-in, original bookplate.

An Index to the first 20 issues of the Newsletter was compiled in early 2011 and published as a Supplement to the Newsletter. Complimentary copies have been sent to all subscribers and there are a number of paper copies available from the Editor for $10 each including Australia/New Zealand postage.

Newsletters (except for the most recent issue) are available as (low resolution) pdf files through the links below. Click on the active bolded Newsletter number below (eg Newsletter no. 28) to open the link.

Most back issues are out of stock, and we are offering all issues of the Newsletter in high-resolution, colour pdf files on a single CD-ROM for $25. Please contact the Editor if you would like to order one.

If you have any ideas or contributions for the Newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor, Dr Mark Ferson at or the Designer, Mary Keep at Contributions need neither be long nor academic; anything which may be of interest to bookplate lovers, including Letters to the Editor, Book or Exhibition Reviews, or any short note, will be cheerfully and gratefully received.

Newsletter no. 37, June 2015, is currently at the printers and will be distributed to members in mid July; it opens with a short description of the Society's 8th annual general meeting (covering 2014), features an article by Canberra book historian and collector Dr Geoffrey Burkhardt on the value of some unusual institutional bookplates as marks of provenance, describes the previously unknown bookplate of a medical doctor who became prominent in civic life in Lithgow, and includes a report by Robert Littlewood on the Melbourne auction of a book collection given by John Lane Mullins to Sancta Sophia College at the University of Sydney in 1926.

Newsletter no. 36, March 2015, has a number of interesting and topical articles: the feature article by NZ member Ian Thwaites recording some bookplates of New Zealanders and Australians associated with World War 1 is followed by a note by UK member Bryan Welch on a 1918 bookplate associated with the World War 1 prisoner of war camp at Holzminden. As well we have a report by Monica Oppen on a bookplate talk by the American society's James Keenan that she stumbled across in Berkeley, California, not to mention the usual assortment of previously undocumented bookplates.

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Newsletter Supplement, an index to the first 20 issues of the Newsletter plus a short illustrated article on 'Thematic bookplate collecting', was posted to members with Newsletter no. 21.

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